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Geeki Tikis Marvel Iron Man Tumbler | Official Marvel Collectible Plastic Tiki Style Cup | Holds 22 Ounces


When faced with a difficult task, Tony works tirelessly to find a solution. Facing the issue of hydration, Tony suits up as Iron Man once again and delivers this impressive tiki-style tumbler! Thanks to Iron Man, we now have a way to beat our thirst and continue saving the world! Capable of containing 22 ounces of your favorite beverage, this Geeki Tikis water bottle is the most fashionable way to show your passion for the Marvel universe and for Iron Man! Quench your thirst and proudly show off this tiki tumbler with each sip!


Combining the popular fashion of tiki cups with amazing pop culture icons, Geeki Tikis has created a product line for geeks, nerds, and super-fans to enjoy their favorite drinks with their favorite characters! Made from durable quality plastic, each cup is designed to deliver stunning details while also being durable enough to quench your thirst round after round! Enjoy the magic of Geeki Tikis tumblers and collect the complete set of your favorite series!

  • I AM IRON MAN: With blasters, flight capabilities, FRIDAY, and the most advanced tech in the world, there really isn’t anything Iron Man can’t do. That includes beating thirst! Stay hydrated with this unique Iron Man tumbler!
  • MARVEL AT IRON MAN: Tiki cups are a popular commodity among those who enjoy a fun and refreshing drink. Pack this collectible tumbler with your favorite drink and show off your Iron Man tiki-style tumbler with each sip!
  • SUPERHERO QUALITY: This collectible tiki bottle is crafted from a durable plastic material and built to last. Complete with a lid and a yellow straw, this Iron Man tumbler is crafted from BPA-free materials!
  • A MARVELOUS WAY TO STAY REFRESHED: With a whole line of Geeki Tikis Marvel characters, Iron Man is just one way to stay hydrated – superhero style! Collect your other favorite Marvel heroes for a complete set of Geeki Tikis tumblers!
  • THIRST-BUSTING ARMOR: Each Geeki Tikis Marvel tumbler is designed to bring you lasting hydration in the form of your favorite Marvel heroes! This Iron Man bottle is officially licensed and perfect for any tiki tumbler collection!

List Price: $ 19.99


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